About this website

In many cases for the portfolio images we show a reduction of the full-size image. When possible, we provide an opportunity to click on the image to open up a new browser window and allow you to view a much larger image in greater detail. For most browsers you can click on the image in the new window to expand or contract it, and then use the horizontal and vertical sliders to move about in the expanded image.

We attempt to sense the height of your browser window and adjust the height of the images in each of the projects to fill the window. We detect the browser height when you select the Portfolio menu item. For bext viewing, please maximize the browser height. If during your browsing through the projects you decide to change your browser height, simply click on the Portfolio menu item again and the image heights will be re-adjusted.

Duncan Milne provided the design and artwork for many of the pages. Thanks to Gregory Neustaetter and Peter Moulton for implementing the site coding.

The website makes extensive use of PHP code and CSS to render and format the pages.

We have tested the site with Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox. If you have any difficulties viewing the content please contact Duncan Milne at the address shown above and we will attempt to correct the problem.